Short Film Mondays – Bara Prata Lite (Talk) by Lukas Moodysson

Taking a break from Bond Week today I thought that I would highlight this rather sad little film; Bara Prata Lite. The idea here is to find a new short film every week; give my opinion on it and perhaps any interesting facts, and then really welcome comments, interpretations, and even recommendations.
But enough for now, please find the short below:

Bara Prata Lite (Talk):

I thought that this was a really beautiful film, disturbing yes, but the actors and director have done a great job keeping our lead worryingly relatable, and also successfully avoid slipping into pretension. This film could have so easily become cliché, or just be plain condescending, but I’m pretty impressed by the way it keeps things the film feeling grounded, subdued and controlled – even when it then takes it to an extreme, and perhaps unbelievable level.

On this film’s director’s commentary Moodysson drew comparisons between this and American Psycho, in fact saying that this one could even be called Swedish Psycho. The relationship I had with the lead character was almost entirely a compassionate one, and whilst I could see the monster that he had become, the psycho that had been spawned out of his loneliness, I couldn’t help but find the entire story rather sweet and strangely endearing. I understand a lot of that compassion to have come from the blame being shifted on to his surrounding colleagues, society in general. Because he just can’t connect with anyone I never really blamed him for the outcome of the film’s events. Still, I found my sympathy pretty troublesome whilst watching the film, I mean he just murdered an innocent woman in cold blood – it would be interesting to hear how you guys felt towards him by the end of the film, whether you too felt an uncomfortable sympathy for him, or if he was simply an outright psychopath in your eyes.

Overall I found this to be a really well made and acted short; one that’s sad, disturbing, and also surprisingly heartfelt. I reckon that I can say it’s my favourite of the Short Film Monday films so far, but what did you think? Let me know below and thanks for reading.

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