Martin Freeman Joins Fargo TV Series

Martin Freeman

I’ve been somewhat skeptical  of the decision to create a spinoff from the movie Fargo ever since I first heard the tentative plans for the ten episode miniseries. My feelings haven’t really changed, after all it does beg the question ‘why?’, but with the Coen Brother’s overseeing the production, and with two strong actors leading the piece (Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton) there is every chance that this could be a really good piece of television. It feels unnecessary sure, but as it is going ahead then I think the situation could be looking far worse than it currently is.

Freeman is going to be playing an insurance salesman, pretty much the William H Macy role, who gets caught up in dangerous events surrounding Thornton’s Buscemi style role. The series is supposed to be staying very true to the original film and so I think it is safe to say that Freeman’s character will be very similar to Macy’s, which is a good thing as it plays to his strengths – an everyday man who is thrust headfirst into crazy circumstances, and his fantastic comedic timing is ideal too.

So what are your thoughts on Freeman’s casting? What about the series in general? Are you worried about whether we will use that Minnesota dialect? Let me know in the comment box below!


  1. Nice question. I’m a little unsure of the idea. I like Freeman, but I can’t really imagine him in William H. Macy’s role. But I hope he can pull it off as well as a believable Minnesotan accent.

    1. I hope so too! I’m most worried about the accent if I’m honest.

  2. UHHHHH – I hadn’t ever heard of this but this sounds dodgy. And not because of Freeman. I like Arthur Dent but I think turning this into a ten hour job might be pretty reaching…

    1. Yeah I am a little doubtful as to whether they can string it out that long too. Guess we will find out!

  3. Love Freeman as well but can’t see this really go that well. Hope I’m wrong though since I love the Cohen bros work.

    1. Yeah I really hope that this works out. I suspect it will be a decent watch, but it’s hard to imagine it living up to Fargo!

  4. How much television have “Coen Bros” written/produced? Is this an early foray into an HBO style arena? There is a consensus forming, at least from what I can gather according to comments made on various forums (take that as you will), that television is becoming the go to place for established film makers these days. Actors too (although that is not so unusual later in their careers).

    I suspect the Coens may be feeling the same antipathy for the Hollywood Machine that Spielberg and Lucas voiced earlier this year. Both admitted to dismay at encountering so much resistance when attempting to secure distribution for ‘Lincoln’ and ‘Red Tails’ – that this proved to be a major headache. If film makers of their stature and bona fides struggle to have their cinematic voices heard above the morass of so much anodyne drivel floating the turgid river of mainstream output, what chance the rest who are not currently remaking / rebooting / re-imagining / sequelising / prequelising existing product? I wonder how many writers / directors refuse to have their screenplays corrupted by the Epagogix Algorythmic Creativity Crusher – or its equivalents? Do they have a choice?

    Probably not.

    I do wonder if the Coens are simply looking for a more open and receptive outlet for their work. Taking a highly regarded movie and reworking it for television could be testing the water, and getting a lot of fans / admirers to take note. If it works for them, they may begin writing specifically for the medium (assuming they haven’t done so already).

    Is the Coens’ decision another demonstration of what may be a seismic shift away from the cynical money-grubbing modus operandi endemic within the Hollywood Machine?

    Making money and making entertainment do not always make for good bedfellows. Maybe what we are witnessing are just the cracks that have been pasted over too many times.

    Other than that, all is good. . .

  5. Well, Martin Freeman’s great, Fargo’s great. What could possibly go wrong? Answer: everybody now sees him, (and this will be cemented after the new films come out) as Bilbo Baggins, hopefully they can leave this mindset, and not be disappointed when he doesn’t go on a quest to slay a dragon.

    1. I see what you mean although I don’t think him being Bilbo Baggins will be a problem. He’s well known in several big roles, like Sherlock, which I imagine would stop him being seen as just Bilbo in a Cohen project. Let’s hope anyway!

  6. Big fan of Tim from The Office, and Fargo, so fingers crossed this isnt as horrible as it could be

    1. Yeah Tim is great! I’ve got my fingers crossed and feel fairly confident that this could turn out alright.

  7. As long as Sherlock is still going ahead I’m happy. Come to think of it, I’ve never heard Freedman do an American accent in the few roles I’ve seen him in, much less that Minnesota dialect.

    1. Ha ha same!
      I was thinking that after I wrote this little news piece, I really can’t recall him putting on an American accent!

  8. Ooh, could be interesting!

    1. Regardless of how good or bad it ends up being, I’m curious as to how it turns out!

        1. Let’s hope it turns out OK!

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