An Exclusive Interview with Rachel Faulkner!

Rachel Faulkner InterviewToday we sit down with model turned actress Rachel Faulkner! Rachel stars in the Hillbilly Horror Show as Lulu so we spend some time talking about the show as well as playing Sofía Vergara’s photo double, Nicki Minaj music videos and much more!

Hi there, thanks for sitting down for this interview today! How are you?
I am well! Thank you for having me.

So, can you tell us exactly what the Hillbilly Horror Show is all about?

Hillbilly Horror Show is a video on-demand series showcasing short films with a comedic twist. HHS portrays a combination of Creepshow and Tales from the Crypt where Bo, Scott (Cephus), and I (Lulu) talk about the films, each other, and our hillbilly tasks.

It sounds like it could be pretty fun on set, do you have much room to improvise or is it quite tightly scripted?

It is very fun on set! We all have a comfortable amount of room to improvise, but there is usually a general story to each scene that we film.

And how much screen time do you guys get between the films?

We usually get around one to three minutes of screen time between each of the times.

I heard that as well as having a small part in John Favreau’s Chef you were also a photo double for Sofía Vergara, is it difficult to act as somebody else playing a character?

Yes, I was! As a photo double, you are cast primarily based on the look/features that resemble the character you’re doubling for. Therefore, the role wasn’t all that difficult to portray.

RACHELFYou started out as a model, but I understand you never thought about going into acting… how did you then find your way into the acting world?

A local casting director approached me after being recommended by one of my industry friends with an extra role for the TV Show Wicked Attraction. After completing my first role, I suddenly realized how similar the sets were and how much more organized they were as well. I started to pursue more acting roles while gaining experience along the way, and before I knew it, I was booking more acting than modeling gigs.

And do you hope to continue both acting and modelling, or will one take precedence over the other?

I do hope to continue both modeling and acting. However, I want to focus more on my acting training due to my recent move to Los Angeles.

That would make sense. I know that you can dance too; do you hope to use that skill in a dancing movie someday?

I would love to incorporate dance in a future role. I danced jazz, tap, and hip-hop growing up.

Would you say that working on music videos like the Minaj one is closer to do a model video or an acting gig?

It honestly depends on the director and what he/she is trying to convey. Some music video director’s films are based off a storyline, where you have to be comfortable and prepared to convey various emotions; but others, like the Minaj video, were more closely related to a model video as I was primarily just dancing.

HILLBILLY2Can you tell us a little about The Possession Experiment and your role within it?

The Possession Experiment deals with a college student that took his theology project to another level with a “possession experiment” causing him to tap into another side of himself that he had hidden away. I play Brittney, who is the college student’s (Brandon) roommate’s love interest.

What else have you got coming up which we should keep our eyes open for?

I recently filmed a principal role in Ride Along 2 in Atlanta alongside Kevin Hart, Ice Cube and Ken Jeong. Also, Bo, Scott and I wrapped up filming the fourth volume of Hillbilly Horror Show. I just relocated to Los Angeles a couple days ago, so I plan on taking my career full-fledge, and I do hope you all are on the lookout for upcoming news!

Fantastic, thank you for speaking with today!

Thank you for having me!

Thank you for reading, as always be sure to leave a comment in the box below!


  1. I’m noticing a theme with the people you interview – they’re all super hot! You’re shameless!

    1. Haha well I’ll still bring up Uwe Boll as a counter argument!

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