P.T.A Blogathon Announcement

Look out for a series of posts this month celebrating Paul Thomas Anderson!

In the lead up to the British release of Inherent Vice at the end of this month you will find a number of articles scattered amongst the more regular posts on this site concerning the career of director Paul Thomas Anderson. Bloggers and writers such as Mark Walker of Marked Movies and Sarah Cook of I’m With Geek will be contributing articles, there will be reviews, there will be fun and games… there may even be blood. Also be sure to look out for an article in which veteran Anderson actress Melora Walters has helped me out by answering a few of my questions.

I hope to see you around the site over the next week or two checking out what people are putting together. And if you’re not a PTA fan then there will still be other content going up for you so you still have something to read!

See you soon!


  1. Looking forward to this James!

    1. Should be good fun!

  2. This sounds awesome, very much looking forward!

    1. I look forward to seeing you around the site!

  3. I just LOVE this little Blogathon poster, my man! Very nicely done indeed!

    1. Thanks Mark! I was pretty pleased with it I have to say!

      1. You should be VERY VERY pleased. Its a beauty, man!

        1. I really appreciate you saying so Mark… took me long enough!

          1. Maybe its because my name’s on it, of course. That definitely adds a little something 😉

          2. Haha that certainly can’t hurt!

          3. No hurt there at all!… and headlining no less! 😉

          4. But of course…!

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