Exclusive Interview: Uwe Boll Talks Rampage 3!

Uwe Boll

Today Mr Rumsey contributor Christian Robshaw takes some time away from his site Mediocre Batman in order to interview the controversial director Uwe Boll about his latest project, Rampage 3! Uwe Boll’s latest project is the finale to his Rampage trilogy and he needs your help to raise the cash on Kickstarter in order to make it happen. I’ll hand you over to Christian and Uwe…

Hi Uwe, thanks for giving this interview. To start with, can we hear a little bit about your new film Rampage 3?

Rampage No Mercy will be the last part of the Rampage trilogy in which he will go to DC and attack the White House as he promised in the second film.

As a sequel how will Rampage 3 build on what’s gone before?

It is set two years after Rampage 2 and Bill is in hiding and preparing a big attack…

I understand the film is being funded through Kickstarter. The move away from traditional financing seems appropriate to the anti-establishment themes in Rampage and Rampage: Capital Punishment, was this deliberate?

Yes. I want to get the fans involved so that they can connect with the movie early on.  It is also increasingly more difficult to finance direct to VOD titles.

Your last attempt to finance a film through Kickstarter, Postal 2, fell through. Are you more optimistic for Rampage 3?

I’m always optimistic and hope for the best. The good thing is that for Rampage 3 we need less money than we did for Postal 2.

If the Kickstarter campaign falls through, will you look at other means of funding Rampage 3? Or would you rather work on other projects if that happens?

I will make that decision in 25 days….

Rampage 2As well as Kickstarter, what else do you think will influence the way films are funded and produced in the future?

The independent movies are dying and that is too bad. We will have only TV shows left and Comic book heroes in 20 years time.

Your videogame-based films have often been poorly received critically. Do you take the critics into account when you make films? Has the reception of your films changed the way you work?

That time is behind me and I still stand by my opinion that Postal is the best videogame based movie ever.

Bill Williamson in Rampage is very outspoken politically. Would you say that his concerns are yours too? What separates you from him?

What he says in Rampage 2 is exactly my opinion. If we don’t face the massive problems the earth is facing and stay so passive then we all will go down.

To what extent would you say you expect viewers to sympathise with Bill?

The good thing is that he is really a nice guy. Brendan Fletcher portrays him in a way that you cannot help but like him.

The events of Rampage obviously resemble a number of real-life mass shootings before and since. Do you worry that viewers may misinterpret the film?

No… movies must provoke.

The original Rampage was probably your best-received film. Are you gratified by the response to some of your newer political work?

Yes… I hope I can turn all that hate and bashing around ….with Darfur, Auschwitz, Assault On Wallstreet, Tunnelrats, Rampage 1 And 2 I’ve made a lot of movies which matter.

Has your change in direction towards more political work recently in films like Rampage 1 & 2Assault on Wall Street, and Attack on Darfur been a conscious move on your part? What in particular about the state of politics caused it?

Of course I make movies now which I really want to do…. Life is too short so I don’t do House of the Dead anymore.

RampageWhat do you think film can offer as a medium for political speech?

It can open and change your mind…that is the idea.

As well as Rampage 3, you have several other films in the works. Do you find it difficult working on several films at once?

No…because most of them fall apart during the process.

If you weren’t busy making films, what do you think you would be doing instead?

I just opened a restaurant¹… I love good food.

And that’s all folks! If you’re interested in taking a look at Uwe Boll’s Kickstarter then please head straight here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2063316815/rampage-3-no-mercy

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