Competition: Win Last Words: The Battle for Arnhem Bridge!

Here’s your chance to win this moving war documentary…

The Battle of Arnhem was part of the Second World War’s largest airborne operation. Allied troops were sent to seize eight bridges in the German-held Dutch territory. The task was tragically overwhelming, and enemy forces soon overcame them. Of the 10,000 Allies dropped from the skies, only 1,500 returned.

In a poignant new documentary Last Words – The Battle For Arnhem Bridge directed by award-winning documentarian, cinematographer and photographer Roger Chapman, we witness the personal testimonies of British War Veterans and Dutch civilians as they remember the battle that formed a crucial part of Operation Market Garden. 70 years on from the event, it comes to DVD for the first time on 7 September 2015.

The Battle of Arnhem may have been a significant military defeat, but it also proved to be an extraordinary victory of human spirit, courage and camaraderie. From chilling accounts of combat through to humorous anecdotes, the film offers an account of the human side of war and explores the acts of extraordinary bravery, self-sacrifice and dogged determination by the soldiers who fought to the bitter end, yet still eventually lost the bridge.

Excitingly we have one copy, courtesy of Aim Publicity and Simply Media, to give away.

To enter all you have to do is answer the simple question below by Monday 7th of September.

Which operation was this battle a part of? Was it:

A – Operation Market Garden?

B – Operation Covent Garden?

C – Operation Tudor Garden?

Remember the give-away closes on the 7th of September.

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