Game of Thrones: Home (Season 6, Episode 2)

Familial tensions, blooded corpses and three-eyed ravens…

Heavy Spoiler Warning: This episode does not air until 9pm in the UK and so if you haven't yet seen Episode 1 of Season Six it is strongly advised that you do not read this article.

There was a lot to take in during today’s episode of Game of Thrones, in fact scratch that, there was about half a season’s worth of storylines and plot development wrapped up in a neat fifty or so minutes. Jon Snow lives again, Roose Bolton has fallen, Balon Greyjoy took a tumble and provided a welcoming shake up to the Iron Island storyline, Tyrion has befriended and freed the dragons, Arya might finally be on the path to becoming a faceless woman and Bran is looking into his father’s past. Make no mistakes, Game of Thrones is not wasting an instant this season.

Family seemed as key a word in today’s episode, even more so than home did. However this being the show that it is not all familial scenes are warm happy ones. Case in point we had two cases of fratricide and one of patricide in this episode, the murder of Ramsey’s baby brother being a particularly awful, gruesome one. Even Bran’s glimpse back to the happy childhood of his father has death hanging over it, not only because of what we’ve seen befall Winterfell and its inhabitants but also with the surprise appearance of Lyanna Stark – Ned’s ill-fated sister. Lyanna was due to be wed to Robert Baratheon before she was kidnapped by Rhaegar Targaryen, an act which kicked off a war and set in place the series’ key players. I would be extremely surprised if she isn’t going to be fairly important in the episodes to come….

Overall Home was a strong, fast paced episode which, whilst not necessarily being amongst the very greatest the show has produced, did satisfy on all counts and has given us so many, many things to talk about for the next week. Just how is everyone going to treat Jon Snow now with him back from the grave, how is Bran going to impact upon the larger picture and does Tyrion’s experience with the dragons give heft to a certain fan theory which has been circulating the internet for years…?

So what did you think of the latest episode? Let us know in the comment box below!


  1. Definitely a better episode. So much action!!!

  2. Emilia Clarke did give an interview saying that this season was all killer no filler. I’m starting to think she’s right! What an episode!

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