Exclusive Interview: Christine Bottomley Talks In The Club: Series 2

BottomleyToday we are joined by Christine Bottomley in order to learn a little more about her role in the hit TV show In The Club, the second season of which has just arrived on DVD. Read on to find out how Christine prepared for the tricky situations she faces in the series, about her desire to see more female lead shows and much more….

Could you initially remind our audience where we left Vicky at the end of Season One and how things have now changed for her…?

Vicky end of season one, after complications with the last stages of her pregnancy has given birth to a beautiful baby boy and her on /off partner has said he has decided he wants to be with her and they hope to live together as a family. He reveals he is married and is going to find the women he was married to and get a divorce with a view they can take on life as a team. It’s complicated but she’s happy.

Start of series two sees her juggling life on her own living almost as a single parent mum, this is because Chris is trying to track down his current wife who is halfway across the world.  Vicky is trying to support his decision to do this, work full time and deal with the complications of childcare and doing the best she can to be the best mum she can be for her 10 month old son Ben. And parenthood is tricky enough with everything else on top she’s struggling.

Vicky goes through a fair ordeal in this series, how did you prepare in advance of filming for the emotional turmoil she faces?

Yes because she trying to please all and deal with everything on her own an incident happens that throws into question whether or not she was at fault in the workplace. This is one of the worst things that could happen to her as she cares very much about her job and the lives of the mums and newborns she brings into the world. To prep for filming I took on board the passion and precision that all the midwives we have met along the way work with and then on top of that took into account how any human feels when they know they are not coping very well.

Did you find that you were still researching the working environment as well like you did last series with OBEM, or are you pretty comfortable with that side of the role now?

I always like to know exactly why you would use certain techniques at stages of labour so I was still very much watching One Born Every Minute and always asking questions to the brilliant medical advisors we had on set. I salute them, it’s a hard job and so always loved learning more from them. Plus you can never watch too much One Born, I love it.

What for you was the real draw to work on this material when you were first approached for series one?

I had never played anyone in the medical profession so that was a new challenge. Also the fact that this was a show written by Kay. I’ve long loved her work since Band of Gold and a female lead piece was a real draw.

10828019-high_res-in-the-clubYou have a pretty good record of choosing rich and complex female roles, do you have to be quite selective with what you take on in order to find such characters or are they becoming increasingly common?

I think actresses love a challenge so yes the more complex the role the better and you do have to make choices along the way what stories out of those being told that you want to be a part of. I hope in the future we see more female lead shows with more older women on screen. I think there is some brilliant drama being made with writers like Kay, Sally Wainwright, Jimmy McGovern, Peter Moffat, Danny Brocklehurst and people like Nicola Shindler producing such work the world of drama is in a really exciting place.

How have you found the show’s audience reaction to have been? Do people try to talk about the show with you and if so what in particular resonates with them?

The audience response has been brilliant from both men and women. People have really followed these people’s stories and I think that’s down to the subject matter of parenthood -it’s the hardest job in the world and one which everyone strives to get right. Also the characters in this piece have formed a real community and as friends they really look out for each other as we all try to do with our nearest and dearest in life.

And finally what would you like to see in Vicky’s storyline should a third series go ahead?

I think Vicky would be delighted if she had more responsibility in the work place and it would be great if she had a bit of romance but I think she does have a bit of a habit of  not always going for the right person. Another baby? Who knows. I love being part of the show we are a real team on it and that makes it a pleasure to be part of.

Both In The Club: Series Two and the Series One and Two box set are now available on DVD, will you be getting yourselves a copy? Let us know in the comment box below!

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