A Brief Encounter with Alison Arboux

Alison Arboux

Why acting?

This happened to me by accident. One of my favourite quotes by Paul Éluard is: “Il n’y a pas de Hasard, que des rendez-vous.” In English I would say: “There are no such things as happenstance, there is but what you are bound to meet.”

Anyway, by this time, I was living in Paris, at my friend’s apartment (a French photographer) and his manager showed up. I was watching a video I’ve done for advertising and he loved it.

One day later I received a call from him, got a casting for a French series, 24 hours later I had been selected and signed a contract with him and the agency Agent Agitateur.

Nowadays, I’ve realized something about acting, about my experiences;

When you’ve started and you can’t stop,

When you’ve discovered an unknown part of yourself,

When you heal a wound…

Acting provokes something magic inside of me, you can’t describe this incredible feeling.

How did you make you first break into the industry?

I started with the modelling, and then also stepped into the movie industry.

I never wished or thought I’ll do that in my life.

Everything happened at the same time; my model agency sold me as an actress because of my short height and so, I’ve been a French Playmate, November 2008.

Had a great interview after my first movie Silhouettes by Lars Knorrn, rolled the same year.

But honestly, doing both at the same time isn’t easy, a lot of compromises and choices to make.

I procrastinate to make decisions, it’s terrible because I’m so hesitant.

What do you bring to the film set?

I always write down again my parts. I don’t know, I have the ability to learn when I recopy my subject.

So, you can be sure to see me with a tonne of sheets, always mixed up, a full pack of ciggies, my 35mm camera, and coffee.

Your most insane day at work?

I was shooting in London, everything was good until the clients came to see me, said we can’t make it because of a power outage. It was just an excuse because they didn’t want to work with me… Humiliated!!!!

Most interesting person you’ve ever met?

Hmm… I would say Peter Beard.

Have you any hidden talents?

I have many hidden talents but if I tell you, they are not hidden anymore! (Laugh)

Ultimate dream role?

Maybe it hasn’t been created yet….

Person you’d like to meet?

There are so many people I’d like to meet.

Most of them are dead: John Cassavetes, Ian Curtis, Gandhi, Kubrick….

For those which are still there: Jack Nicholson, Brian Ferry… It’s all I like: eclectic!

Current project(s)?

At the moment, I’m writing for myself. It’s already something… maybe it could become a project? Who knows?

I always keep myself busy, always creating, doing something; photography, music, literature, painting, learning…. I’m ambitious. This is the only way to stay alive.

Contacting Alison

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4640726/

VIMEO: https://vimeo.com/alisonarboux

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/alison.arboux/

INSTAGRAM:  https://www.instagram.com/alimiaou/

TUMBLR: http://thelovealbum.tumblr.com

ACTING AGENCY IN FRANCE: http://www.agentagitateur.com/uk/actresses/alison-arboux

EMAIL: alisonarboux@gmail.com

THE FREEDWOMAN https://vimeo.com/71159164

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