Exclusive Interview: Holly Hargreaves Talks Real Tinder Convos

hollyhToday we welcome, actress, writer and director Holly Hargreaves to the site in order to talk about a couple of her webisodes (Real Tinder Convos and For Actors)

Firstly could you tell our readers a little bit about your webseries Real Tinder Convos?

Sure. It’s a comedy webseries exploring how awkward it would be if tinder messages were said in real life. The first season played at last month’s NYC and UK webfests. The second season is being released in the first week of Jan 2017.

What first attracted you to this series?

I just thought it would be funny and relatable.  The way people speak to each other on Tinder is not how they speak to each other in real life. On Tinder it’s all ‘Hey, you DTF?’ and  “Wanna come round and suck my d*ck’. Ahhh, no thanks buddy, how about you try talking to us first?

Did you always intend on both directing and starring or was that something which came about over time?

It was always intended. I’m a writer/ director/ actor and I make shorts and web series to create work for myself.

You’ve directed, acted within and written a lot over the last few years, often doing all three on a single project. Do you find that are very distinctly separate or do they inform each other?

I think they all inform each other. I love doing all three.

Is there one role that you prefer over the others?

I get asked that a bit! I can’t choose- it’d be like choosing a fave child. I love acting, writing and directing equally and see myself as all three.

You’re doing that very trick of wearing all three hats at once in your new series For Actors, could you tell us a little about that one?

For Actors is a sketch comedy about the struggles of acting, using random things as metaphors. It was nominated for Best Comedy Screenplay at this year’s Miami webfest and it was recently picked up for distribution on the US platform Revry.

Well with For Actors I co-made it with Melbourne actor Nicholas Sopelario. I’d written 5 of the 6 episodes, then I met Nik at an acting workshop and we got talking. I then sent him the scripts a week later and he wanted to jump on board, so we made it together. It was my first time collaborating with someone and I liked it. I’m a bit of a lone wolf when it comes to creating stuff.

hhIs the series indeed for actors, or are the observations found within the film relatable for others as well?

I made For Actors specifically for actors. It’s such a hard industry and sometimes it sucks, so I wanted to make a series for actors to watch and have a laugh after a frustrating or shitty day.

Was that something which concerned you during the writing process?

No, not at all. If I have an idea for a project I just write it out and try not to over think it.

Do you prefer to write any one genre over any other?

I love writing all genres. I’ve tried horror, comedy, sci-fi and drama so far and love all of them.

Do you have a particular type of role/project which you are working towards, or are your plans not as structured as that?

I’m working towards getting my feature film Locked In up and financed but that takes time, so in the meantime I’m writing.

And what else do you have in the pipeline which we should look out for?

Second season of Real Tinder Convos starring Jackson Tozer (Joe Cinque’s Consultation, The Ex PM) is being released the first week of Jan, 2017 on the facebook page: @realtinderconvos

Many thanks for taking some time out today for us Holly!

Thanks for having me!

To check out one of the Real Tinder Convo episodes right now then just click here!

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