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Tales of Halloween – New Release Review

The soft, sultry voice of former John Carpenter regular Adrienne Barbeau comes over the radio, reminiscent of Lynne Thigpen in The Warriors. Then the opening credits begin, and you’re treated to a new bit of score from Mission: Impossible composer Lalo Schifrin. If you’re a B-movie buff then you already have plenty to be excited […]

I, Daniel Blake – New Release Review

We take a look at Ken Loach’s timely and affecting film… Daniel Blake (Dave Johns) is a joiner, perhaps in his sixties or seventies. Before the film opens, he suffers a heart attack and is advised by his doctor not to return to work until he has his health back. That’s nothing to worry about, you […]

Blair Witch – New Release Review

In October of 1994, filmmakers Heather Donohue, Joshua Leonard and Michael C. Williams disappeared in the woods around Burkittsville, Maryland while making a student film about the Blair Witch legend. I’m sure you all remember this incident; the footage was later recovered and cynically compiled by Artisan Entertainment as the memorable 1999 cult film The […]

Money Monster – New Release Review

Meet Lee Gates (George Clooney). You’ll have met him or his type before, no doubt. He hosts the TV investment show Money Monster, in which he excitedly gives out financial advice while sounds and graphics blare, punctuating his every pronouncement. His director Patty Fenn (Julia Roberts) has her hands full just trying to keep everything […]

BB – New Release Review

We venture into this synth infused take on camgirls, obsession and exploitation… Our hero is a girl named Leah Lamont (Jennifer Mae) rather than, as you might have assumed, BB. Like several of the films’ characters, she has an alliterative name; perhaps this is set in some sort of adult version of the Marvel Universe. […]

Love and Friendship – New Release Review

A sparkling Austen adaptation which is as playful with Austen’s text as it is reverent… It requires a certain boldness to integrate your own humor into Austen’s work, and quite a level of skill to pull that trick off successfully. Thankfully writer and director Whit Stillman is as brazen as he is in command of his […]

The Blair Witch Project – Retrospective Review

There’s a good chance that you’ve already heard that Adam Wingard’s just directed a new Blair Witch film, the lazily entitled Blair Witch, and this should really come as a surprise to no-one; after recent cash-ins on the goodwill attached to names like Halloween, The Thing, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, The […]

Embrace of the Serpent – New Release Review

Embrace of the Serpent was Colombia’s entry into the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 88th Academy Awards, proving that for director Ciro Guerra the third time is the charm. His first unsuccessful submission happened to be his very first feature, the 2004 drama Wandering Shadows, and the second in 2009 for The Wind Journeys. Guerra […]

Theo and Hugo – New Release Review

Théo and Hugo, two young gay men, meet in a Paris club, have sex, and fall in love then and there. On their way home between the hours of 0427 and 0559 Hugo discovers, much to his consternation, that Théo wasn’t using a condom, while Théo discovers much to his consternation that Hugo is HIV-positive. […]

The Brother – New Release Review

Meet Adam Diamond (no, really). His father is disappointingly not named Simon but rather Jack, which is conceivably a pun on the Jack of Diamonds, though we might expect the patriarch to be the King of Diamonds. In any case, Jack in his day was one of London’s proper villains, selling guns to other proper […]