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Closing Our Doors…

Dear Readers, I’m sad to report that Mr Rumsey’s has closed its doors today. We won’t be away forever, we simply feel that we want to refocus, re-energise and re-approach the way we produce film journalism and that calls for some time away during which we can really plan how to move forwards over the […]

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Releases New Trailer

The highly anticipated Rogue One releases its latest thrilling trailer… It’s that time again folks! Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has released another trailer (& poster) which shows off a lot more of the film’s plot, key characters and overall tone. Our reservations and fears for this film have long since been scrapped and this trailer […]

iPlayer Pick of the Month: The Living and the Dead

There’s something deeply disturbing amid sleepy Shepzoy… This month our hearts and minds were ensnared by the deceptively familiar and particularly unsettling The Living and the Dead. What’s it All About?: This six part series starring Colin Morgan and Charlotte Spencer tells the story of the celebrated psychologist Nathan Appleby and his budding photographer wife Charlotte. As they take over the […]

An Early Look at FrightFest

We take a look at what to expect at this year’s FrightFest… In just over a month, FrightFest will begin. The festival of horror and genre cinemas, which this year will take place over five days, from August 25th until August 29th, in the Shepherd’s Bush Vue, has been covered by for the last […]

i-Lived (app review)

In i-Lived, a young man makes a Faustian pact with a mobile app so tempting and sinister that it seems to quite literally be The Devil, and while at first he lives the high life, he soon finds that deals with The Devil have a tendency to bite the end-user in the ass, as his […]

Looking Back on Short Sighted Cinema: The Shortest Nights

We reflect upon the recent Short Sighted Cinema’s Shortest Nights festival… If you’re free all day on a Sunday and you don’t suffer from a bad back, then there’s hardly any better way you could spend the day than attending one of Short Sighted Cinema’s The Shortest Nights programmes; if you’re not free all day or […]

New 28 Days Later Limited Edition Prints Available

Take a look at this lovely new poster for Secret Cinema’s 28 Days Later event… The infected are raging and the darkness grows as Secret Cinema’s 28 Days Later event keeps going strong in the capital. Now artist Dan Mumford has taken inspiration from the outbreak and designed this stunning limited edition print to tie into Secret Cinema’s […]

Secret Cinema Takes on 28 Days Later – Review

We sent our journalist into Danny Boyle’s apocalypse, here’s his blood splattered report…  Have you ever wanted to exist within the world of a motion picture? The James Bond movies, perhaps, where all the women are beautiful and there are no detrimental side-effects to drinking or smoking? How about Star Wars, where most people are […]

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Teaser Trailer Released!

It’s here, repeat, Rogue One is here! Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has just released it’s first real teaser trialer and, although it’s far too early in the day to really say, we have some very good feelings about this one. Set between Revnge of the Jedi and A New Hope this stand alone movie will tell the story of the […]

Daisy Ridley in Talks to Play Tomb Raider

Ridley is in talks for the iconic character… Daisy Ridley, currently riding high on the success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in which she played one of the leads as Rey, has revealed that she has been in early talks to play video game character Lara Croft, star of the Tomb Raider series, in […]