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A Girl at My Door – New Release Review

Strong performances root this impassioned, if occasionally flawed, drama… In A Girl at My Door Young-nam (Doona Bae) is transferred from the police academy in the city to a post in a small town after having committed some misconduct that hasn’t sat well with her colleagues and superiors. We don’t initially know what caused her to be relocated but […]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Review (Spoiler Free)

Narrative flaws aside, this is the Star Wars film we have all been looking for… I won’t beat about the bush here; we can all breath a huge sigh of relief. Episode VII feels like a continuation of the space saga we all know and love. Regardless of how you feel about the prequels it’s clear […]

Barely Lethal – Review

Barely Lethal is occasionally fun however it leaves much to be desired… How would you enjoy a mash-up of the action and teen movie genres? I mean, if you pretend you haven’t already seen exactly that in Agent Cody Banks and Alex Rider: Stormbreaker and, to some extent, Spy Kids, and the Young Bond novels, too. […]

Der Samurai – Review (Spoiler Free)

Der Samurai weaves together a nightmarish tale of blood, fear and pyschosexuality… Like many of the best werewolf stories Der Samurai mixes horror, mythology and sexuality together to create a violent and primal insight into the human psyche and its perceived Other. But don’t let me deceive you, this is not a traditional werewolf narrative […]

Wild – Review (Spoiler Free)

Wild too often feels like a bad camping trip rather than a soul searching  journey… When you set out to make a film about a woman who is on a journey of self-discovery through a thousand miles of wilderness despite knowing little about what she is doing, you had damn well better get a couple […]

Birdman – Review (Spoiler Free)

Not every risk it takes pays off, but Birdman is nothing if not daring and imaginative… Birdman is an odd one to wrap your head around; at times it’s a funny, clever and brave piece of filmmaking whilst at others it’s underdeveloped, gimmicky and disappointing. Many great characters establish themselves in the opening twenty minutes […]

Whiplash – Review (Spoiler Free)

Whiplash is a direct shot to the heart of pure adrenaline, an electrifying experience… Very few films can actually bottle kinetic and visceral energy and pass it through a projector to an audience unscathed, but Whiplash consistently proves that it can do just that. Seemingly effortlessly we are placed in a position where we feel […]

Shame – Review (Spoiler Free)

A searing look at the modern man who has both everything and nothing… Shame is both a painfully intimate depiction about sex addiction and also a more general look at trauma, dealing with pain and modern city life. Fassbender plays a successful man who lives in a swanky and somewhat sterile condo. He lives alone, […]

Chocolat – Review (Spoiler Free)

A sweet fable about religion and the resistance to change in closed communities… Juliette Binoche stars as a chocolatier who moves through the world with her daughter, dispersing old world wisdom as she goes and releasing people from their inhibitions with the power of delicious chocolate. When she arrives in a small religious community during […]

The Double – Review (Spoiler Free)

This bleak social commentary is laced with absurdist comedy and touching insight… In The Double Richard Ayoade presents us with an adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s novella, which at times feels like a collaboration between George Orwell and Franz Kafka. The film’s world feels very much like 1984’s dystopian vision with an office worker who lives a dictated life under a constant […]