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I Am Not A Serial Killer – New Release Review

There’s blood, guts and plenty of heart in this oddball black comedy based on Dan Wells’ successful YA novel Young John Wayne Cleaver is not a serial killer – yet. But he knows he’s at high risk of becoming one, and not just because of that magnificently appropriate name of his. He exhibits all of […]

Exclusive Interview: Ashley Mary Nunes Talks All Through the House

Today we are pleased to welcolme actress Ashley Mary Nunes to the site in order to talk about her role in the new Christmas slasher movie All Through The House. Read on for more! Could you let our readers know a little about All Through the House and the role you play? Yes, All Through The […]

Let’s Be Evil – New Release Review

In what appears to be the near future, but could just as well be the cutting-edge present, twenty something Jenny (Elizabeth Morris) finds that her job application has been successful. It’s a funny old rôle, the one for which she’s applied. It’s all in a bunker beneath Los Angeles, for one thing. And for another, […]

Tales of Halloween – New Release Review

The soft, sultry voice of former John Carpenter regular Adrienne Barbeau comes over the radio, reminiscent of Lynne Thigpen in The Warriors. Then the opening credits begin, and you’re treated to a new bit of score from Mission: Impossible composer Lalo Schifrin. If you’re a B-movie buff then you already have plenty to be excited […]

Blair Witch – New Release Review

In October of 1994, filmmakers Heather Donohue, Joshua Leonard and Michael C. Williams disappeared in the woods around Burkittsville, Maryland while making a student film about the Blair Witch legend. I’m sure you all remember this incident; the footage was later recovered and cynically compiled by Artisan Entertainment as the memorable 1999 cult film The […]

Exclusive Interview: Emilia Ares Zoryan Talks The Dark Tapes

Today we welcome actress Emilia Ares Zoryan to the site in order to discuss her latest movie: The Dark Tapes. In this horror anthology Emilia leads one chapter as a cam girl who may be involved in more than what first meets the eye…. Read on for our interview: Hi Emilia, many thanks for taking out some […]

The Blair Witch Project – Retrospective Review

There’s a good chance that you’ve already heard that Adam Wingard’s just directed a new Blair Witch film, the lazily entitled Blair Witch, and this should really come as a surprise to no-one; after recent cash-ins on the goodwill attached to names like Halloween, The Thing, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, The […]

FrightFest reviews: Day Five

Traditionally, the fifth day is when festival fatigue starts to set in. When the final film for the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights can begin as late as 2355, it means that, by the time it’s finished and you’ve taken public transport from Shepherd’s Bush to Islington, walked home, brushed your teeth, undressed, et cetera, […]

FrightFest reviews: Day Four

Short Film Showcase Two The second of the short film showcases was really something astonishing to behold; I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a brilliantly-curated programme of shorts. It started off in stylish yet not entirely convincing fashion with “Francois”, before hitting its stride with “No Touching”, a Buffy-recalling short built around the inimitable […]

FrightFest reviews: Day Three

For the most part, Saturday was the big day for this year’s FrightFest, which is exactly what you might expect. Several of the most anticipated screenings of the festival took place and, for those who were unable to book five days off from work to watch horror films, it was also the most practical day […]