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Short Film Mondays – Coda by Alan Holly

Today on Short Film Mondays we are featuring a short by Alan Holly called Coda. This beautifully animated short film weaves a simple and yet moving story of death, life and that which grants it a sense of meaning and purpose. As always with this feature the focus is on giving you a short to watch and hearing […]

Short Film Mondays – Rosen Bridge by Pauric Brennan

Today on Short Film Mondays we are featuring a short by director Pauric Brennan. Pauric has had his work reviewed on the site before¹ and now has approached us to ask if Rosen Bridge can be put before all of you! I think the film generates a lot of hugely effective atmosphere, making it more than […]

Short Film Mondays – Dark Yellow by Glen Luchford

This week’s Short Film Mondays features the short film called Dark Yellow. At around half an hour long this short is considerably longer than the ones I normally post in this feature, but it really warrants the extra time with its high tension noir-esque style storyline and the great performances put in by both John […]

Short Film Mondays – Cólera by Aritz Moreno

This week’s Short Film Mondays highlights 2013’s short film Cólera. This short is nice and simple and is shot in one single take! It’s atmospheric intensity and nicely developed plot makes this one that I would recommend taking a look at! Check it out below:

Short Film Mondays – Room 8 by James W Griffiths

This week’s Short Film Mondays features another film in the Bombay Sapphire Series. Room 8 has done the rounds quite a bit online since its success at the BAFTA’s, but I reckon it is still worth sharing due it being such a good example of working within a set script and yet coming up with […]

Short Film Mondays – Mémoires Vives by Fabrice Mathieu

This week’s Short Film Mondays features another film by Fabrice Mathieu after having promoted his In the Shadow a couple of weeks back. I loved that one for its simplicity and inventiveness and made contact with the filmmaker to discuss an interview for this site, so look out for that soon! As we talked he […]

Short Film Mondays – The Light and the Little Girl by Guy Pooles

This week’s Short Film Mondays features a short which is incredibly simple but which, in my opinion, is all the better for it. The Light and the Little Girl is a meditative look back at childhood and by extension human nature. I’ve come away from it with a number of different readings and thoughts and […]

Short Film Mondays – In the Shadow by Fabrice Mathieu

This week’s Short Film Mondays features a rather playful film which uses clips from movies that range from  Metropolis to Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow in order to construct its narrative. It’s full of some interesting ideas, and it’s rather charming and fun to both spot the films its using, and also to […]

Short Film Mondays – Water Song by Paul Frankl

This week we are going to be taking a look at Water Song, and entry in 2013’s Imagination Series: ‘Water Song is one of five different films from the same script. As part of Bombay Sapphire’s Imagination Series, Oscar winner Geoffrey Fletcher wrote a script stripped of any stage direction and asked people to imagine […]

Short Film Mondays – Ryan by Chris Landreth

This week we are looking at a very inventive, heartfelt and intriguingly made short documentary about the life of influential animator Ryan Larkin: ‘Ryan brings to life the story of Canadian animator Ryan Larkin, who produced some of the most influential animated films of the early 1970s. In this Oscar winning short film, celebrated director […]