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In a Time for Sleep – New Release Review

We take a look at this curious and impassioned short film… In a Time for Sleep uses a simple but wholly unexpected act of violence as an allegory for the frustration felt by women of Turkey — and many other nations besides — who remain quagmired in oppressive laws and archaic customs that to this day refuse to embrace western concepts […]

Scary Little Fuckers – New Release Review

It’s Christmas, 1984, and a man believes he has the perfect gift for his son: a strange creature bought from a strange man in a strange shop. The creature comes with its own set of rules, which must not be broken, for which no reason is given. But soon enough, the rules have been broken […]

Dirty Books – Short Film Review

Everything’s online-only nowadays. It isn’t just the newsstands that have been affected by the digital revolution – even the school newspaper’s going to be turned into a money-saving blog, unless its editor can do something about it. That’s the premise of “Dirty Books”, a fifteen-minute short by first-time director Zachary Lapierre. As it turns out, […]

Éluder – New Release Review

Rich textures and an intriguing set-up cannot stop this short thriller from faltering…  Éluder begins with a very intriguing set-up, an elegant man relaxing in his hotel room is disturbed by an envelope being passed under his room’s door. Upon opening it he finds a photograph of a woman and enough accompanying information to have him believe her […]

Exclusive Interview: Chris Esper Talks Please Punish Me!

Today we welcome director Chris Esper to the site in order to grab a few minutes with him about his recent short Please Punish Me. We reviewed the film back in July¹ and we thought this was a good opportunity to learn more about Chris’ thinking when making the film. Read on for our conversation! Hello […]

Antwerp Talks Short Film Project Cinesthesia!

Today we have the musician Antwerp (Nico) in to talk about his latest project with Cinesthesia. now you may remember me talking about this Hackney based project of scoring old shorts with new music when I did a news piece on it a few weeks ago (here). Read on for my interview with Nico (originally […]

The Dirk Diggler Story – Review by Christian Robshaw

Today Christian Robshaw from Mediocre Batman joins us to talk about Anderson’s first, rarely discussed film… Paul Thomas Anderson’s Goodfellas-of-the-porn-world success, Boogie Nights, was years in the making: Anderson conceived of a biographical epic based on a fictionalised version of legendary porn star John Holmes – renaming him “Dirk Diggler” – in the late 1980s when he […]

Jessie Rabideau talks Fear!

Today Jessie Rabideau joins me for a quick talk about her recent short Fear. You may remember reading my review of the film recently where I was particularly impressed by its bravery and ambition. Naturally I wanted to find out more about the process and thinking behind the short and so took some time out with both the […]

Exclusive Interview with Fabrice Mathieu!

Today we have the guy behind two of the recent Short Film Monday’s entries in to talk about his work. You may remember Dans L’ombre – a short film about a shadow trying to escape from his ‘wearer’, or indeed you may be able to think back to the short called Mémoires Vives which concerns […]

Short Film Mondays – Bara Prata Lite (Talk) by Lukas Moodysson

Taking a break from Bond Week today I thought that I would highlight this rather sad little film; Bara Prata Lite. The idea here is to find a new short film every week; give my opinion on it and perhaps any interesting facts, and then really welcome comments, interpretations, and even recommendations. But enough for […]