Bond 24 will have an ‘instantly iconic’ henchman

007 logo - WikipediaThe news has broken that the 24th film in the James Bond franchise is looking to cast a villain who is so unusual and different that they will become instantly iconic.

This is an interesting step for the franchise to take. It’s in keeping with Skyfall‘s embracing of the past and of what is thought of as being ‘classic Bond’. The fact that they are looking for a villain who will be ‘physically imposing’ and extremely fit does make me question whether they are going to be pushing even further against the realist tone which dominated Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. After all, Jaws and Oddjob verge very heavily on being cartoonish, and most certainly are consistently fantastical, but also embody a physical menace which has yet to be matched in Bond history.

The character’s working name is reportedly ‘Hinx’… I’m not crazy about that but I guess time will tell if they end up going for that and whether it will work. Right now it just sounds like a bad version of Halle Berry’s Jinx. Having said that, Oddjob and Jaws may well have sounded underwhelming to me before the films were released too.

There’s not too much that can be taken from this currently, but it’s going to be interesting to watch the casting process for this role. We do seem to be getting our gadgets and sense of fun back, and now we may well be able to add larger than life villains to that list. And that, I think, is a good thing. After all Javier Bardem certainly brought a bit of theatricality and fun into Craig’s films, which had been sorely lacking.

So what do you think about this casting decision? Sound off in the comment box below!


  1. I don’t mind the silly Bond bad guys as long as they’re used well. Oddjob is one of the greats while someone like Renard is just a complete waste. But you’re right it is a little too close to Jinx

    1. Yeah it should be good, just cross your fingers that they do it right!

  2. Oh, this sounds cool.

    1. Yeah quite possibly! Fingers crossed that they do a good job with it!

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