The Trouble with the Truth

Lea Thompson and John Shea are both excellent in a movie that you don’t want to overlook. As the film goes on layer upon layer of warmth, complexity and ever increasing heartbreak are painfully revealed through both actors’ precise performances and an intelligent script. It’s a tricky thing to make a movie about two people […]

Sadie Katz 2

Today I’m talking with Sadie Katz about her latest movie Wrong Turn 6. The last time we spoke was over at Cinema Chords about her role in House of Bad and her writing project Scorned, check that out here! Things seem to be getting more and more exciting and busy for Sadie so read on […]

Male Actors

A few days ago Fernando from Committed to Celluloid wrote his top ten actors list (here), an idea that he borrowed from Abbi at Where the Wild Things Are (here). I had a blast reading them and so am now ripping both of them off here with my list! To help narrow my choices down […]

Infamous director Uwe Boll has taken a little time out to answer a few of my questions regarding his latest movie Rampage: Capital Punishment. Of course he is perhaps most famous for physically fighting his critics after being heavily criticised and receiving the label of the world’s worst filmmaker. Today he joins me for a […]

Begin Again

Begin Again is everything that you hope for in a feel-good summer movie. Which isn’t to say that it’s perfect, nor is it as strong a film as Carney’s previous hit Once, but with Begin Again you’ll find yourself often grinning at the unashamedly upbeat vibe and joyful celebration of music. The story of two […]

David Hayter

David Hayter is here today to chat about his latest acting role in Devil’s Mile. You may recognise that title as I interviewed his costar Casey Hudecki recently – you can find that here! As well as chatting about his new film we also discuss the differences between acting in films and video games and […]

Header Film Figure

It’s that time again! Just putting out a reminder for those of you about the ‘Who’s That?’ quiz. As always, the answer will be going up at the end of the month, but for those of you who missed the earlier post about this and wanted to make a guess, then cast your eyes up […]


Rare nudity and gore make┬áSmothered┬ástand out amongst endless other horror movies. That’s not to say that there isn’t a healthy splattering of blood in this movie, but refreshingly it is used sparingly, something I am very grateful for after being subject to endless indie projects that don’t know the benefits of restraint. Also for a […]

Casey Hudecki

We’ve got Casey Hudecki in today to talk about stunt work, acting and her latest film Devil’s Mile! This new movie is a crime/horror hybrid which is directed by Jospeh O’ Brien (Fresh Meat) and stars David Hayter (X-Men 2, Watchmen) and Maria del Mar (Price of Glory, Hannibal) alongside Casey. Read on for our […]


A few days ago I was very excited. I had headed on down to London in order to do a bit of press for I’m With Geek on the new movie Begin Again. I was standing in the Apple store on Regent Street and was feverishly scribbling down the things that Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo […]


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